​​You're Engaged! Now What?

Are you entering 2018 with a new piece of bling? If yes, then you’re also starting the year off with a long list of To Do’s. So, where do you begin? Grab a cup of coffee, break out your favorite notebook and get real.

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Keys to a Successful Graduation Party with S.Y.B

No matter if it is high school or college, graduation is a huge success for any student. S.Y.B Event Planning Services. knows how important education is and how excited we are for you to take the next big step in life! As an event planning company, we always think graduates should commemorate their achievements in style.

​​SYB Event Planning Services Translates your Vision into Reality

Are you planning a birthday party for your child or a corporate event? Or a Masquerade Ball? S.Y.B Event Planning Services can handle all of these and more, at locations in and around Boston and all over New England. What's more, they offer complete planning services, so that all clients have to do is relax and enjoy the event along with their guests.

Outside Wedding Planners Versus On-Site Venue Coordinators

Let’s start by talking about how awesome venue coordinators are, shall we? There’s so much to be said about anyone who caters to the wedding industry because it’s hard work! Not everyone can handle the pressures of organizing for the most important day of someone’s life, and venue coordinators or event planners offered through your venue do it with grace.

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Tips for Planning Your Corporate Event

Whether you’re hosting an event specifically for your employees or networking with other businesses in the area, simply hoping you will have a great end result isn’t enough. As a corporate event planner, S.Y.B Event Planning Services. wants you to be prepared for your big event, and we have a few reminders for you while you as you start compiling your ideas.

5 Things to Remember to Do On Your Wedding Day

Congratulations, you have made it to your big day and we couldn’t be more excited for you! S.Y.B Event Planning Services. has helped dozens of brides and grooms by acting as their luxury wedding planner, and we know how often our emotions get the best of us when getting ready for such a momentous occasion. 

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Congratulations on your engagement! S.Y.B is excited for you as you start this new journey with the person you love, and we truly believe your big day should be everything you dreamed of. If you’re starting your wedding planning, you might feel overwhelmed by your long checklist of items, and that’s totally understandable!