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Wedding Myths

Myth #1 - Wedding Planners are expensive. All wedding planners charge different prices. In reality, with the money you are spending on us, we are saving you elsewhere, and sometimes more with our vendor connections. Also, this is your wedding! It is better not to cut corners and make sure you are getting the best and most importantly good quality vendors.

Myth #2 - My venue has a planner, so I do not need one. Although, it is great that they do, we see a lot of brides come to us 2 months before the wedding because their coordinator has not helped with certain details, or the bride and groom feel they have not received special attention to feel comfortable that their big day is as special as they would like. 

Myth #3 - Wedding planning should not be that hard! If it was not hard, wedding planners would be unemployed. Wedding planning is one of the most stressful tasks you would have to do. It requires a lot of attention to details, thinking in ways only planners know how to do and being able to forecast if problems arise on how to handle them. You should enjoy this time of getting married and not deal with all that stress. Kick back and let us handle all of the tedious items!

Myth #4 - You can only hire a planner for full service (beginning to end planning.) That is not the case. Yes, there are busy professionals or high profiled clients that want a full service planner to handle every single detail, but we also offer partial, Ala carte, month of coordinating and day of wedding hostess. To see more about these packages, please visit our wedding page under services.
Myth #5 - If I hire a planner, I will not know what is happening with my wedding. That is not true at all. In fact, you will have a better vision on what is happening. We will not make any decisions with out you letting us know yes or no! We will even use vendors that you want, if you had ones in mind.
Wedding planning can take up to 200 hours, and sometimes more, here are a 10 reasons why you should hire S.Y.B as your wedding planner:

1. We can put you in touch with reputable vendors that will save you a lot time, stress and hours and hours of researching.

2. We can save you money. Since we work so closely with our vendors and we do each other favors time to time, we can negotiate deals with them that you by yourself can not. 

3. We can save relationships. Wedding planning can be so stressful sometimes, that is causes arguments between family, friends and your fiance. We have handled a good amount of weddings, so we have experience with avoiding certain problems and help fix the ones that can cause an argument. We also handle those annoying tasks you may give to a loved one, so everyone can enjoy this special time. 

4. We will bring your vision into a reality. Couples dream about a certain way or theme they want their wedding to be like. We can make sure this happens and have a few little surprises here and there.

5. We are able to offer you some great advice. Since we have been doing this for a while, we have buffed up on what can work and not work. We can also give you direction on how to do something.

6. We are the main point of contact. Weddings can have numerous vendors involved, add the wedding party and loved ones. That can be overwhelming. We can take that away and handle speaking to everyone, even the ones you may not want to speak with at that moment!

7. We can make your timelines and keep you on schedule. This is something we have became experts in and we will not miss any details that you may, if you did one on your own.

8. There maybe problems that happen on your big bay. Unfortunately, weddings are big enough events that accidents happen. We have it covered and you will not have to worry when we are around.

9. We will help coordinate your rehearsal and handle the reception. It is not easy to orchestrate a rehearsal, and have everyone listen to you, but they most likely will listen to a planner. We will make sure everything is executed properly from rehearsal coordination, to the actual ceremony and through the reception until your last guest leaves!

10. You will be able to enjoy the planning of your wedding without most of the stress and technicalities! 

Why hire your own wedding planner although your venue has one?

1. They work off of commission and have a sales number to reach month. There job is to sell beverages and food to you and that is it. They do act as your wedding planner, but they are not as detailed and there for you as we will be.

2. You may not know your wedding hostess that is assigned to be there the day of your wedding. Most of the time, hotels and venues hire wedding hostesses to come in and work the day of your wedding and you meet them once before hand. That person does not know everything that was happening through out your wedding planning process. It maybe difficult for them to really grasp certain items. 

3. A lot of Catering Managers, that is their real titles, move to new positions and other locations in their careers. We have seen it happen where you will work with someone at the beginning and then have to work with someone else towards the end. 

4. The Catering Managers do not go with you to vendor meetings, and are only allowed to do so much work on your wedding. They will not go that extra mile that your personal planner will go, show up to all your meetings, and have extra ones if need be.

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